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An Italian Master Craftmanship

Poddi Tartufi Company was founded in 1985, at Terni, Umbria, located right in the center of the “boot”. Known as the Green Heart of Italy, the mountain landscapes, rich forests and water resources are abundant in the territory. Poddi harvests truffles of fine quality mainly from this region, exclusively offering 100% Italian truffles, as well as a wide range of truffle-based products. Poddi’s product line currently has approximately up to 100skus, including customized semi-processed truffle products for industrial use. Poddi is a family-run business where traditional family recipes are preserved and revived through modern technologies and carefully controlled production. Poddi owns a skilled craft team that specialized in the production of fine-quality Italian truffle products. Their dedicated staff strictly follows and carefully controls all the processing phases. To uphold the ‘’Made in Italy’’ quality standards, Poddi's artisan production involves creating smaller batches of excellent food products using only natural and fresh ingredients, without any preservatives, antioxidants, or additives, in addition to a mix of traditional and modern labor methods.

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Poddi White Truffle Butter


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